About Us

About Us

St Johannes Lutheran Church is a member of the Northeastern Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa (NELCSA), previously known as The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (N-T) (ELCSA-NT), within the Central Circuit.  We are based in Kelvin, North of Johannesburg and our services are in English with a touch of our other local African languages in hymn and song.

We are a diverse congregation and our has membership ranges from all ages, from children and the youth to the elderly. There are various church structures in the congregation, namely a Congregational Council, a Pastoral Care Committee, Wardens, Choir, Welcome Committee, Social Committee, Prayer Men’s League, Prayer Women’s Leagues as well as a Children’s Ministry.  We are a South African registered NPO.

The congregation engages in various church activities, some of which are hosted in collaboration with our sister congregation in Midrand and other congregations in the circuit. Activities include an annual Youth workshop event, a community outreach project to support a home in Alexandra, the celebration of Everyone’s birthday as well as Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations.

The congregation is also involved in the various Church structures, for example Synod and the Circuit Council. Council is also involved in implementing various initiatives, such as setting up of a mother-and-child enclosure, supporting our Moruti’s onboarding since joining the Congregation in 2017, managing the churches finances, continuously improving the composition of the Sunday Liturgy sheet and supporting the various Ministries within the church.

We are a small congregation and guests are most welcome.  We look forward to welcoming you to our church someday to worship with us.  Guests are invited to share in Holy Communion, and to stay for tea and coffee after service to get to know you better.  Follow the signs if you are in Kelvin, you won’t get lost.  

Watch word of the year 2021: Luke 6:36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful

Peace be with you.